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A Rapid Campaign for Regional Growth

Capitol Broadcasting Company asked us to help pilot a micro-strategy to attract key talent to the Triangle region. We worked with them to conceive, validate, and pilot a rapid social campaign that reached people returning to Durham.

Strategic Returners

We started by examining our target audiences and selecting a high-value segment called Returners – people who have a strong association to the Triangle because they went to school in Durham.

Building a Mini-Brand

Working with the Director of Strategy at CBC, we then built a value proposition that we thought would appeal to these Returners: achieving a higher quality of life here in Durham. Coupled with voice distillation and some some creative name-crafting, we called this new brand position, BullDurham.Life.

Rapid Landing Page Deployment

We then put this new mini-brand into action, creating a logo identity using iconic Durham architecture and assembling a single landing page to guide users through our tailored journey, focusing on our city’s three key value distinctives: better jobs, affordable homes, & a thriving arts & culture scene.

Timely Social Campaign

In the meantime, we examined our target segments closely and determined that the easiest way to validate our value propositions were to put in low-lift paid social advertising, targeting Duke & NCCU alumni in the greater metro areas of New York, Chicago, & San Francisco. We aimed particularly in the North East by crafting creative that emphasized Durham’s better weather and running the ads during major blizzards.

Our Impact

In one week and a tiny spend, we were able to achieve nearly 100,000 impressions and 1,000 unique visitors to the landing page. Even more valuable however, we learned what messaging worked well, what creative activated interested users, and what value propositions would yield the highest chance of starting a real human conversation.




Unique Visitors

A Word From Adam

“Pathos Ethos helped us deploy a small test campaign as part of a broader business development strategy. The team was easy to work with and thoughtful, putting together a masterful ad campaign and landing site that generated major interest. We recommend them to other companies looking for a nimble and smart team.”

Adam M Klein, MRP, Director of Strategy, Capitol Broadcasting Company