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Awana: The Mozo Platform

Awana is a national, faith-based non-profit that originally brought Pathos Ethos in to help create a brand new software platform for a learning management system. While in the middle of the project, business needs changed, and our entire team was able to pivot to help them create a digital management tool for their constituents to use.

Here are some takeaways we’re proud to share:

  1. The entire project was built on an Angular frontend with a Java Spring application server and a Postgres SQL data model.
  2. We integrated into existing software platforms that had been operationalized in their organization for several years already.Primarily Salesforce for all their member data, Gigya for their single-sign on authentication, and a proprietary fulfillment platform for their product distribution.
  3. All of their development operations were set up and maintained by our team: AWS elastic beanstalk application server, Bamboo continuous integration, Redis data store, and a javadoc documentation layer.
  4. Having no previous software development experience, we were able to train not only their IT team to function as a working Scrum development team, we were also able to help train their Director of Curriculum and turn them into a true software product owner.
  5. Having trained their team, we worked in conjunction with them for an additional 6 months beyond the bounds of the original contract, concurrently working on product development until ultimately we were able to hand off product upkeep to their internal staff.